We love promoting healthy lifestyles.

We want to provide our customers access to clean, healthy and sustainable produce from the comfort of their home, while preventing further mass agricultural damage to our planet.

Here’s three reasons why our smart indoor garden systems work for you to produce healthy and pesticide-free vegetables, lettuce, herbs and microgreens:


  • Our hydroponics use as little as 1/10th the amount of water as traditional gardening
  • Our LED lights use very little energy and provide the necessary light plants desire
  • No pesticides to harm the soil or the environment
  • Our enclosed smart indoor garden systems keep bugs out, leaving your produce fresh and clean

Fast and Easy

  • The hydroponics used in our smart indoor garden systems can grow produce up to 50% quicker than plants in soil
  • Our smart indoor garden system is technologically optimized to provide fresh produce as quickly as possible
  • Easily manage our smart indoor garden systems from anywhere in your home using Wi-Fi


  • Our smart indoor garden systems are designed with your home in mind
  • No wires showing or finishing defects exposed
  • Compact and minimalistic, our smart indoor garden systems are a center piece for your kitchen